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To buy or not to buy | Urban Decay Smoky Palette


I finally found a friend for my beloved Naked Palette. After seeing so many positive reviews floating around the internet I decided to jump on the bandwagon and try the Urban Decay Smoky Palette. I have been testing it for a while now and although I don't write many beauty posts, I decided this palette was worth it.
First of all, I like the packaging of this product as it comes with a large mirror and a brush with two ends so that you can use it for applying eyeshadow as well as for blending it afterwards (10 points for this idea!). The packaging is also relatively light which makes it suitable for travelling and even for putting in your handbag if you wish to do that. But let's talk about the actual product. The Urban Decay Smoky Palette comes with 12 beautiful eyeshadows and it covers a large range of shades, from white and silver to a dark grey and a dark black. Most of the shades are shimmery, only 4 of them are matte (those on the right). I am very happy about this combination as the matte shades can be used for creating a base if you want to build up your eyeshadow or for a very natural eye makeup. I have also used the white shade for contouring my brow bones and I loved the effect it had, it really opened my eyes. 

As you would expect from an Urban Decay Palette, all of the shades have great pigmentation and last for a very long time. I used this palette on my birthday when I went on a day trip to Amsterdam and my eyeshadow was still in place when we had dinner at one of the restaurants, so that's a big plus. I love the amount of eye makeup looks you can create with this palette, all of the shades go really well together. When I first heard about this palette, I thought it was primarily for creating an evening makeup, but I was wrong about that - the lighter shades are perfect for using on a daily basis. My favourite combinations are Dirtysweet & Radar and Armor & Slanted. You can also use the darker shades if feel like creating a really dramatic look, though. This might actually be my favourite thing about this palette: that it can be used for a every occasion. If you go away over the weekend and expect to go out a lot all you will need to bring is this palette. You could even apply a lighter eye makeup and apply a bit of black in the crease before going out - evening makeup done. As I've already mentioned, all shades come in a great quality and luckily they are also very easy to apply and blend and don't smudge at all. As all Urban Decay products, this palette is cruelty-free - doesn't it feel great to have a beautiful makeup product and the knowledge that you're contributing to the wellbeing of animals? The only downside about this product is the price as 50 Euros is quite a lot of money. I think that it's worth it to invest into a good eye shadow palette though as it will probably last for several years and as it provides you with so many beautiful makeup options. 

All in all I can recommend buying this product and even though it's expensive, I wouldn't let that put you off as it comes with high quality and an extra eyeshadow brush. 

Have you tried this palette? x

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