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Cannes Diaries


Unless you are reading my blog for the first time you know that I was living in the south west of France for quite a while, staying with a French family and exploring the area. Which was even more beautiful than expected, I really fell in love with Bordeaux and no, I'm not even talking about their delicious wine.
After leaving the west after a few weeks I was supposed to continue my work&travel experience near Lyon but well, it didn't work out and I found myself in a place where I had to find an alternative as fast as possible. Luckily I did and after a short stay in the countryside (keep your eyes peeled for a post about that) I travelled to the Côte d'Azur ready to work at a hostel in the Old Town of Nice. Quite a big change compared to my last two stays but hey, I'll take it and I'm more than happy to get a taste of the "beach life". If I was working near Lyon I definitely couldn't blog from the beach having a box of strawberries sitting next to me, ready to be eaten. Isn't it funny how things that look so bad at first can turn out to be so damn good? In life we sometimes have to take detours to arrive at our destination. Well before I keep rambling on about Nice I'd better stop myself as this post is about a different city which is equally as beautiful: Cannes. 

When I realized I would be staying at the French Riviera while the Cannes Film Festival was taking place I knew this was an opportunity I just couldn't miss. Whilst the festival itself is invitation only there are still many opportunities for the public to get their own festival experience and to get an insight into the world of movies. When we went to Cannes we actually spent the majority of our time just walked around, taking in the atmosphere created by the festival - which was simply overwhelming. It honestly felt like the city was on standstill and that for a short amount of time it had turned into a magical world of movies - it felt surreal at times, like we had entered a theme park instead of a city at the French Riviera. Not that I minded. We decided to escape the craziness for a bit by heading down to Le Suquet, the old quarter of Cannes that is characterised by narrow streets and ancient architecture. The streets lead up to the top of the hill where you can find a small church and also the best view over the city. We stood there for some time, just taking in the beauty in front of us and enjoying the quiet atmosphere - what a contrast to the rest of the city! Walking down the hill again we came across many cute cafés & restaurants and I wish I would have had the time (and the money!) to try them all. Instead we headed to the Old Harbour, the Vieux Port, and then back to the centre of the city, where the actual festival was taking place. We walked all the way along La Croisette, which is the beach promenade, and took a look at Cannes' beautiful architecture, the Grand Hotel and all the different designer boutiques - and you can trust me, there are many. Sometimes we just stopped, sat on the knee-high wall at the promenade and watched all the people stroll by. It was fascinating to see so many different people pass by and to see so many different approaches to (evening) fashion. If you are a fashion lover the Cannes Film Festival is a must, I have never felt so inspired to try new looks and to reinvent my personal style. Oh and I don't think I have ever felt that underdressed in a floral skirt and a burgundy top. But well, we are talking about Cannes. And to be honest, your choices are quite limited if you want to wear something that works for the beach and looks elegant at the same time. 

Speaking of the beach - we also spent some time just relaxing in the sun and listening to the soft crashing of the waves. In terms of beauty I have seen nicer beaches, the one in Cannes feels somehow dusty and the location makes it hard to fully let go. Nevertheless, it was a nice break and especially during the sunset this place suddenly transformed into a more idyllic one. But before I start talking about the evening let's talk talk about the red carpet. I have heard before that there are good chances to receive tickets for screenings as apparently, guests are obligated to use their tickets and if they can't attend a screening themselves, they are giving them away for free. That is why Cannes is full of dressed up people holding up signs and trying to get tickets - and yes, I know people who have indeed got in so it's worth a shot. Instead of trying to get into a screening we stood at the red carpet and got to experience the craziness and the glam of the movie industry. And we got to see Steven Spielberg! This wasn't the only highlight of the day though, in fact it got even better. Because we also got to see a movie and no, not at one of the theatres but at the beach - can you think of a better place for a screening?! At the film festival you can attend a screening at the beach promenade every evening for free and I would like to personally congratulate the person who is behind this idea. The sunset cinema was undoubtedly my favourite part of the day and the movie was pretty alternative but yet interesting at the same time. All in all, I was more than happy to get my own glimpse of the Cannes Film Festival and I am hoping that I can return in the future.

Have you been to Cannes or the Cannes Film Festival? x

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