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7 billion people. All so different and yet all the same. We come from different continents, different countries, different cities, different streets. We are tall and we are small, we got dark and light hair, we are white and black and everything in between. We follow different religions, different beliefs, different goals, eat in  different way or get lost in different moments. We are young. We are old. We all have stories to be told. 
And despite all the differences, all the little things that make us our unique self, we are somehow the same. We fear, we laugh, we are striving for happiness and searching for a glimpse of love in the never ending circle of life. We love differently and yet we all love the same because Love is Love and where there is love there are no boundaries.
There are some people whose paths we cross and people whose paths overlap ours for a long time, possibly for ever and that is a scary and yet comforting thought. There are people who share their feelings and people who don't or who are scared to do so and sometimes all we need is a smile from a stranger to lighten our day or to keep us going during dark times.
Sometimes it is easy to read others, sometimes it's not and sometimes we believe it is although we couldn't be further from the truth deceived by a happy facade making internal suffering invisible.
If you asked me what beauty meant to me I would answer that beauty lies in the contrast of humanity - in the contradiction of all being somehow different and then somehow not being so different after all. We share so much and yet perceive everything in a different way and have our unique way of thinking and that, that is truly beautiful.

But beauty can only be seen by those who open their eyes and hearts. 

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