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Croatia Diaries


Exactly two weeks ago we got up very early to catch our flight to Split in Croatia and even though I'm certainly not a morning person Croatia's beauty made the short night and endless queue at the check-in fully worth it.
When we arrived at the airport we were directly picked up and brought to our hotel that was situated in the lovely village of Baska Voda. I had never heard of Baska Voda before booking our hotel and despite seeing some pictures on the internet I didn't really know what to expect. When we arrived at our destination I knew we had made the right choice when booking. Baska Voda was simply beautiful, especially its little harbour was picturesque and the view over the mountains was just stunning. You undoubtedly had the best view when swimming in the sea and a sudden regret formed in my heart that I didn't possess a go-pro to capture that beauty. Anyway, apart from a harbour Baska Voda is also home to countless restaurants, a little market, many cocktail bars (where we might have ended up from time to time, cough), some shops and an old church. This church particularly interested me and I was surprised to see how simple it was kept and that it only had two little windows, one on each side. 

While we were staying in Baska Voda, we spent the majority of our time at the beautiful beach, relaxing in the sun, listening to music and in my case, reading as much as humanly possible. Reading is what fulfils and inspires me most and my favourite thing about being on holiday is being able to read all day every day. Does anyone feel the same? We didn't only spend time at the beach though, we also explored the village and its surroundings further. One morning we followed a trail that led us along the beautiful beaches of Baska Voda and I was surprised to see that even though Baska Voda is definitely a tourist destination you could still find a nearly empty beach, you just had to walk for a bit.  I had heard before that Croatia was famous for its blue and clear water and having seen it myself I can understand what all the fuss is about - when I followed the trail I came across some beaches that looked like they were straight out of a catalogue. I could have stood there for hours just watching the waves crash onto the shore. 

One thing that really surprised me about Croatia was how easy communication turned out to be - after travelling to France and Italy I was a bit worried about not speaking the local language but my worries turned out be unnecessary. Not only was staff at hotels, shops and restaurants fluent in English, they were also fluent in German which I really didn't expect. The only thing I didn't quite understand about Baska Voda was the diversity of restaurants or well, the lack of thereof. Every single restaurant seemed to have the same menu and being a fussy eater who also doesn't eat fish, meat etc I basically had spaghetti napoletana for lunch everyday. And even though I love pasta, a variation would have been great. What about fussili or tagliatelle? Speaking of food, breakfast and dinner at our hotel were amazing and formed a contrast to the food at the local restaurants as at the hotel the food was varied every single day. They always had plenty of plant-based options and they even had soy milk for breakfast. A huge thumbs up there. Overall the hotel was amazing, the rooms were spacious, clean and comfortable and staff was friendly. If you are looking for a good hotel in Croatia, Hotel Horizont in Baska Voda will not disappoint you. 

All in all, I was more than happy to spend 10 days in such a wonderful location with my family and I hope to return to Croatia again in the future. If you are following me on Instagram you have probably seen a picture of a waterfall and are now wondering if I just pulled that off Google Images and never went there in the first place but don't worry, I did, I just decided to write a separate post about that as this one is already very picture heavy. So keep your eyes peeled for that, it will also include snaps of Split, the second biggest city in Croatia. So as you can already imagine, I would fully recommend visiting Croatia and Baska Voda in particular, especially if you want to spend your holidays relaxing in the sun. 

Have you been to Croatia? x 


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