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Summer at Home


Summer has finally started. In theory at least. The weather can't seem to make up its mind this year and it looks like it's decided to just skip the hot season and head straight to autumn. But it's only the beginning of July and so there is still hope for those of you who love high temperatures and who can't wait to dig their summer clothes out.
Whilst I'm typing this the sun has suddenly reappeared as if to underline my last statement. Anyway, I am really excited for this season as I got many things planned and as I can't wait to go on holiday with my family - 10 days of relaxing at the beach is all I need to process everything that's happened in 2016 so far and to rewind and fill myself with new energy. But going away isn't the only thing I'm looking forward to this summer. When we talk about the hot season we often focus on going abroad - mainly southbound - for a week or two and completely forget that summer can be just as much fun at home. In fact there are plenty of cheap and easy opportunities to have a great time even if you aren't going away and today I decided to list my favourites. So here are 10 tips for making the most of the hot season at home. x 

1. A themed picnic. If you'd ask me what my favourite thing about summer was, picnics would certainly be the answer. Nothing beats the combination of a warm summer evening, friends and good food. One thing I particularly enjoy is having a themed picnic and sticking to a specific cuisine. Of all the possibilities a Mexican and an Italian picnic are definitely my favourites - who doesn't love guacamole and antipasti?

2. Stargazing. If you got the afternoon off why not go and visit an observatory. I love learning new facts about cosmology, planets and galaxies and I think that astronomy in general is incredibly interesting. After visiting an observatory you can take a blanket and lie on the ground watching the stars. Stargazing is one of my favourite things to do and always has a calming effect on me - and yet it makes me wonder about our universe, the past and the future of it. You could even combine stargazing with a picnic and you'd have the perfect afternoon.

3. Discovering nature. If you are looking for a day trip exploring nature is a great option. Just google forests, gardens or lakes nearby and I'm sure you will stumble across something. If you love doing sports you could go for a hike or discover nature by bike or on the back of a horse. Even though if you think you have seen everything around in your area there is probably still something left to explore.

4. Personalising your room. If you wake up to dark clouds and cold weather you could spend the day inside redecorating your room. I do that quite a lot as a change of setting always means a new beginning and it helps me to stay motivated as well in terms of blogging. My favourite way to decorate my room certainly involves pictures - I love polaroid chains or a wall of pass partout pictures - yes I am one of these people who like their room to resemble a museum.

5. Sending letters to a pen pal. Another creative idea for a rainy day would be sending letters either to a friend, a family member or a stranger. There are sites on the internet that help you find pen pals all over the world and I don't think that there is anything more interesting than exchanging thoughts with someone from the other end of our world.

6. Go swimming. When I was younger I used to do this every summer but somehow that has changed over time and swimming doesn't cross my mind anymore unless I'm on holiday. Which is a shame as there are plenty of opportunities to go for a swim where I live - we got many rivers and even a fake beach with a beach bar. And if you prefer to swim in a pool, that makes the search even easier.

7. Reading classics. If you are like me you spend every free minute of your day reading and get excited every year at the prospect of sitting in the garden with a good book and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. I'll certainly do the same this year but why not make a change and substitute your modern romance for an old classic? It will take you on a journey into a completely different world and you can learn a lot along the way.

8. Learning a new language. If you are looking for something fun and productive to do this summer learning a new language should be on your list. Improving your language skills is a challenge but one that's well worth it. It opens the door to a new world, leads to a new way of thinking and all in all, it is incredibly rewarding. And if you are going abroad this summer, your motivation could be even higher.

9. Sightseeing. Just like I said, there is always something left to explore. So pack your bag and go on a day trip to a city you've never visited or even to a city you've seen many times. Visit a museum or a gallery and make it a day filled with sightseeing and cultural experiences. When a friend of mine visited last year we went to Cologne and got on the hop-on-hop-off tour and I suddenly saw Cologne with different eyes and learned facts I had never heard about before.

10. A movie night. Something I have always wanted to do is have a movie night in my garden. You could put up a tent or just make a tent out of blankets like we did as children, invite your friends over and spend the night watching movies. You could have a picnic at the same time and the best thing about doing this at home is that you could use your Netflix account, even if that means moving the tent closer to your house.

These are my favourite things to do at home during summer season. I hope I could inspire you or at least make you feel excited about hot summer days. What are your favourite things to do this season?

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