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Christmas Countdown | 24 things to do before Christmas


I couldn't more excited about the fact that it's nearly December - I feel like I've been counting down the days until Christmas since April (if you know me then you this isn't too unrealistic) and I can finally listen to my Christmas Playlist without being judged haha. There are so many things I'm looking forward to next month - Christmas Markets, cosy nights in with a hot chocolate and my favourite Christmas movies, buying a Christmas tree, singing Christmas songs and of course Christmas Eve. There are many amazing things to do in December and I thought - to get you all in the Christmas spirit and to start my Christmas Countdown Series - it would be fun to share my favourites with you. So if there still is some open space in your calendar, you might want to read this. x 

1. Go to a special Christmas Market. Last year I went to a mystic Christmas Market in the middle of a forest and it was simply magical.

2. Spend an evening with your family singing Christmas songs - I feel like the older I get the more I enjoy sitting together with my family singing 'Silent Night'.

3. Go on a day trip. There is nothing better than exploring a town you've never seen before during Christmas Time. Or even another country. 

4. Drink a hot chocolate out of an orange. I found this recipe on Zoella's channel last year and it is just as amazing as it sounds. 

5. Bake as many Christmas biscuits as you can. There were years when we still had Christmas biscuits left in August. 

6. Host a Christmas Party. And wear Christmas hats.

7. Buy an advent calendar that tells a story - I have had such a calendar since I was a kid and I still read the story about the cute bear who is on his way to Bethlehem every year.

8. Do some Christmas shopping. The best time for that is Saturday afternoons. (Definitely not.)

9. Buy a tiny Christmas Tree to decorate your room. I have a tiny fake tree that I put up in my room every December. Or every September when I was little ( I've also been slightly obsessed with this time of the year). 

10. Get your friends an advent calendar or even create one for them yourself.

11. Try a Christmas drink. It doesn't have to be Starbucks but you have to try at least one 'Christmas flavoured' drink.

12. Do it the old-fashioned way and send Christmas cards to your friends and family. 

13. Get someone an early Christmas present.

14. Eat Christmas ice cream - each year we buy a gingerbread house that is made of ice cream and it's the most adorable thing.

15. Which leads me to...make a gingerbread house.

16. Go creative with wrapping your presents - I love buying different ribbons and cute little tags to decorate my presents.

17. Text a friend you haven't been in contact with for a long time - after all it's Christmas.

18. Make your own Christmas tree decorations and write your wishes some baubles.

19. Spend a night at home reading Christmas stories. Or watching Christmas movies. And drinking as much hot chocolate as humanly possible.

20. Go ice skating.

21. And if we get snow this year, make a snowman. There are things you can never be too old for.

22. Spread love. Volunteer for a charity or simply make someone in your life happy.

23. Go see a Christmas play at a theatre. We did that every year when I was a child and I will try to do it again this year.

24. And last but not least - fully embrace your Christmas obsession. It's okay. Christmas is only once in a year.

What are your plans for December? Leave a comment below. x



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