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5 ideas for personal presents


Quite a while ago I wrote a blog post about personal birthday presents - in fact it was one of my first blog posts ever - and I really enjoyed coming up with all these different ideas - I love getting presents for my friends and family and I usually try to create a personal birthday present because it is a great way of showing how much someone means to you and I love to see my friend's reaction - even though I know that being watching while unwrapping presents can be stressful for a lot of people, it is the part I love most ( sorry 'bout that!). Anyway, I thought I might do another post about ideas for personal presents, especially with Christmas around the corner (way too excited!). So here you go, hope this post can help all of you who are searching for a birthday present or who feel like doing their Christmas shopping early. x 

1. A friendship jar 

A really personal present that is great for anyone and that is very easy to make - just take any kind of jar and write down some friendship quotes or just some quotes about life you really enjoy and put all the little messages into the jar. This is also a great housewarming present or a great present to give to someone who is moving away because it serves as a reminder of your friendship and it is a great way of showing your friends that you really care about them. 

2. Candles & memories

This present is quite similar to the one above. It is something for everyone who loves candles. And it isn't hard to make, either. All you need is a big glass candle holder and a smaller one, so that you can put a candle into the smaller one and then take the whole thing and put it into the bigger glass holder. Then we got the fun part - write down some great memories of your friendship or some things you love about your friends - or even create some vouchers, such as a picnic in the park - and put them in the bigger candle holder. That way you get a beautiful candle along with some really personal messages - for Christmas I would use green or white paper and an apple and cinnamon candle.

3. A personalised cushion

This one of my favourite presents. It might be a bit more expensive than the other ones but it's definitely worth the money - you could also do it yourself, if you're better at drawing than I am (which most people probably are). If not then you can order it online. You can create a collage that should be printed on the cushion or you can go for a single photo, a quote or even a small poem, that's up to you.

4. A friendship bracelet

I guess that's self-explanatory. Getting a bracelet with the name of you and your friend on it is probably my favourite idea for a personal present. Even though it is definitely the priciest idea of all. But I love accessories that have a meaning - and having a friendship bracelet is like bringing your friend along, no matter what you're doing.

5. A movie

Making a movie for your friends sounds like less work than it actually is but it's a 100 % worth the time and the effort. And the best thing is that you don't have to spend a single cent, either. All you need is a free movie editing software and some pictures that show the best moments of your friendship. A friendship movie is very personal and it is even better than an album because you can include videos and music which makes it the perfect present.

I hope you liked this post - what are your ideas for personal presents? Leave a comment below. x

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