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10 things I've learnt about makeup


It's Friday! I have had a pretty busy but productive week and I'm really looking forward to having a relaxed weekend and a nice and long breakfast - with French Toast and a hot chocolate. Another thing that I enjoy about weekends is doing my makeup - I only apply minimal makeup during the week because honestly, I'm hitting the snooze button way too often to have time to do a complete makeup look. But I'm making up for that on Saturday and Sunday. Speaking about makeup, doesn't it look a lot easier than it actually is? I remember being 14 and applying makeup and I don't think I knew what I was doing - I guess I sometimes still don't haha. But after experimenting with makeup for a few years, I can say that there are definitely some things I've learnt along the way and I thought it may be a fun idea to share these with you. x 

1. The right makeup brush can make a huge difference. When I was younger, I didn't invest any money into makeup brushes and I wasn't interested in trying different brushes, either - I just got the brushes that were stocked at my local drugstore. When I got a bit older and more into makeup I started experimenting with different brushes and I was surprised what a difference the right brush made. Brushes are actually the best thing to invest into because they will last you for years - but even if you don't want to get a Bobbi Brown Brush, there are some really good and cheap makeup brushes out there.

2. It's all about that moisturiser. It really is. It took me very long to find a moisturiser that I liked just to find out that it had been discontinued a few weeks later. And then I found the Cetaphil Hydrating Cream which works very well on my skin. Getting the right skincare is way more important than I first realised.

3. Use a makeup sponge for applying foundation. I discovered that last year and I don't think I'll ever go back to using a brush for foundation. 

4. Eyebrow pencils might not be the best idea. They can be great if you don't draw any harsh lines and if you use them carefully put I personally find it easier to use eyeshadow instead - it looks really natural and the chances of overdrawing your eyebrows are a lot smaller. 

5. Don't get a concealer that is the wrong colour - if you use a concealer that is too light for your skin it won't look natural. I really like using a lighter colour for under my eyes, though. Speaking of - get the Eye Roller from Garnier, it lasts forever and makes me look a lot more awake than I feel most mornings. 

6. Invest into a good primer and foundation. I feel like these might be the most important products to invest into - a primer is important for creating a smooth base and a great foundation can make your makeup look flawless - I've had way too many foundations that didn't fit my skin tone and made me look like a ghost or even ones that made me look really orange (uh, regrets.)

7. And don't forget to blend your foundation down your neck! 

8. Get a finishing powder or a setting spray. I know that these products don't sound too exciting but what's the point of putting a lot effort into a makeup look when you can't be sure that it lasts the entire day? After discovering finishing powder it has become one of my essentials - I will leave the link to a post about my favourite finishing powder down below if you want to read know more about that. 

9. Kohl Pencils can save the evening. It happens quite often that I don't have much time for getting ready for a night out, especially when my friends and me decide to do something spontaneously. A lot of the time, I still want to create a smokey or dramatic eye look though, but I know exactly that using an eyeliner will go wrong if I'm under pressure - in this case, I use a black Kohl Pencil instead and smudge it out slightly - it looks amazing and it doesn't take more than 5 minutes. Kohl Pencils are also very affordable which is another plus.

10. Last but not least, experiment with makeup. I've been using makeup for years and I'm still far from being an expert on makeup. But the more you try, the better you get, right?

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I hope you enjoyed this post - what did you learn about makeup? Leave a comment below. x 




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