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To buy or not to buy | MAC Prep + Prime Skin Primer


I usually like experimenting with makeup and trying out different products but when it comes to primers, not that much. The reason is that a lot of primers don't seem to work well on my skin and they often leave it looking dried out. Moreover I find that a lot of primers don't really even out your skin and your blemishes. So when I discover a primer I like I usually stick to it - and for me this has been the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer (click here for a review). The only downside to this primer is that I have to repurchase it quite often and that it's pricey. But I have tried drugstore primers and I haven't found a good one yet. If you have a suggestion, please leave a comment down below! Recently I went on a hunt for new makeup and came across a MAC Primer that I had heard a lot about and I decided it was time for a change. So here is a review about it, enjoy. x 

First of all, the MAC Prep + Prime Skin Primer comes with a pump which is definitely a plus for me. The packaging is kept very simple and it's light, perfect for taking the product with you when travelling. But let's talk about the most important thing - does the MAC Primer really even out your skin? The answer is yes, it certainly does. Just as well as the Smashbox Primer or the Porefessional one. The texture of this product is a white gel lotion that feels amazing on your sin and that makes it a whole lot easier to apply foundation and powder. I love the results I achieved with this primer - my skin looked a lot more even and the primer also helps to cover redness - even though it doesn't replace a concealer. Moreover it made my skin look and feel very hydrated which is important to me as I have very dry skin. The only thing that I don't quite like about that primer is that it contains glitter. After applying my Nars Sheer Glow Foundation my skin looks very shiny and even though there are days where I love that look - especially when going out to a party - I don't like to go for that look on a daily basis. It might be different if you are using a matte foundation, though. Apart from that, I am very happy about my purchase and even though it certainly isn't cheap you get good value for money.  And the MAC Prep + Prime Skin Primer is also slightly cheaper than other high end products (it costs about 28 Euros.) 

So would I repurchase this product? I would. When it comes to texture this primer is definitely my favourite, when it comes to results it is just as good as the Porefessional and Smashbox one and it is less expensive. However it won't replace my Smashbox Primer because I don't like my face to look shiny and glittery everyday. Therefore I would rather use this primer for a night out than for my everyday makeup routine. 

Have you tried this primer? Are there any other primers you can recommend? x 


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